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McKeown Professional Associates (MPA) provides clinical, educational and expert witness services to clients, families, schools and other organisations.  We also provide administrative, support and billing services to professionals and other companies.  We operate the MPA Online Community for anyone involved or interested in our work and run EveryPro, the free listings directory for professionals and expert witnesses.

Established in 1985 by Educational Psychologist John McKeown, JMA became MPA in 2011.  In 2014 we merged with Psychology Network, with Clinical Psychologist Dr Joshua Carritt-Baker taking on the role of Managing Director. He brought technical expertise and a focus on improving much of the behind-the-scenes administration, as well as his strong background in both Clinical and Expert Witness work.  John McKeown is now focused on the role of Clinical Director.

Working with people across the lifespan, from children and adolescents, parents-to-be, to people in later life, we provide a wealth of experience and a comprehensive package of services to both professional and private clients. We help individual members of the general public as well as organisations such as solicitors, schools and businesses.