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Boundaries and Behaviour Management with Children with Neuro-Developmental Disorders

Parents, carers and teachers often ask about how to respond to behavioural issues with children with NDD. The short answer is that normal boundary-setting and behaviour management is incredibly important – but there are some important caveats and things to consider.

Instructing Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Family Law Cases

A brief guide to the professional remits of psychologists and psychiatrists

Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Equality Act & Reasonable Adjustments

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be one of the most complicated neurodevelopmental issues to formulate reasonable adjustments for as it frequently spans social, communication and cognitive domains. There are an increasing number of resources for employers and educators to help with this: Given the nature of ASD, with incredibly varying presentations in different people with the same diagnosis, it is clear that no single guide will provide comprehensive advice. If you think you need help or support with this issue, please contact us at MPA or visit the multi-disciplinary network at RightPro.