Study Skills Sessions

If you or your child struggles to revise, or you are a student who needs a bit of support with exam preparation, our study skills sessions are perfect for you.

Educational Psychology Assessments

For children and students of all ages.

We take a modular approach to assessments - building up a detailed picture of the pupil's skills and abilities.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) Assessments

We offer a tailored assessment specifically for reports to submit to educational institutions and Student Finance England for the purpose of Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) assessments.

General Ability and Language Assessments

Skill and ability assessments.

Standardised tests are used to assess a wide range of skills and abilities and it is possible to obtain an ability profile and, if appropriate, an IQ or General Ability Index.

Examination Stress

Anxiety and exams.

Most individuals find examinations a stressful experience – but for some individuals the prospect of approaching examinations and actually attending them produces significant anxiety reactions.

Emotional, Behavioural and Attentional Difficulties

Many children and adults experience difficulties of adjustment from time to time which affect relationships and performance in school, college and at home.

The Centre for Child and Student Development

For children and older students.

Services for children and students relating to well-being, educational, developmental and mental health issues.

Speech and Language Assessments

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